Academy Rules in relation to bags, coats, hair, make-up, jewellery and shoes are driven by the desire to ensure that students are smart, safe and ready for work.

It is important that Bede Academy students are mature and presented well. This will establish an identity within the community and build an excellent reputation for the Academy and students, both for their future careers and in representing Blyth as young ambassadors of whom their town can be proud.

Please do not spend excessive amounts of money on designer items as this may lead to theft or damage of the items or unhelpful competition among students. The Academy can take no responsibility for items which are lost or damaged at school. The simple message is: Do not bring expensive and/or precious items of clothing or other possessions into the Academy.


Please refer to the following guides for a full breakdown of uniform requirements by year group:

Primary Years

Secondary Years 7-11

Secondary Years 12-13








We have developed new footwear guides for Secondary Years students to assist parents and students in selecting shoes that are acceptable for use at Bede Academy.  These guides may be downloaded by clicking on the titles below.  Footwear information for Primary Years students/parents is included in the uniform guide above.


Academy Uniform Shop

The Academy Uniform Shop (located next to reception at Bede Academy on Sixth Avenue) is open on Mondays and Wednesdays 12.30pm – 4.30pm during term-time only.  The shop is closed during holiday periods with the exception of the Summer holidays when the normal shop opening times are replaced by a series of open selling days and appointments.

If you are unable to visit the shop, please download the relevant order form (see below).  Note on the form the items that you require, return it to the reception desk at either Bede Primary or Secondary site and our team will contact you to arrange payment when the items are ready for collection.

Useful information (please click on titles to download):

You can call the shop on 01670 543544 or email info@eas-online.co.uk.  We will respond to emails and calls during shop opening hours.