GCSE Results 2013

GCSE Results 2 (Custom)Students at Bede Academy, in Blyth, have achieved across the board in this year’s GCSEs with success in critical subjects.

A third of students achieved the English Baccalaureate (EBacc) which demands a C or higher in English, mathematics, a science, a foreign language and a humanities subject (the national average last year was 18 per cent).

And there were particular successes in music where 20 per cent achieved an A* or A, electronic products where half the cohort got an A* or A and in ICT, where 94 per cent of students achieved a C or better.

The top performers were:GCSE Results 1 (Custom)

Joseph Woods, seven A*s and four As;

Dana Hickson, three A*s and seven As.

Another who was on song was Ashleigh Charlton, a talented singer and musician, who achieved two A*s, three As and five Bs. Ashleigh has also achieved grade 7 Piano, grade 6 in singing, grade 5 in flute and is working towards grade 5 in saxophone.

Principal Gwyneth Evans said:

“We are pleased with these results, particularly for the breadth of subjects in which our students are achieving good grades.

“The results come amid a tougher marking and grade boundary regime for English and mathematics, so our congratulations go to students who worked hard and achieved success in these critical subjects.”