Emmanuel Schools Foundation students announce their arrival into Blyth in style

Tall Ships (2)A spectacular sea voyage has whetted the appetite of young adventurers for life aboard ship.

Three students from Bede Academy, in Blyth, sailed back into their home port in full voice, high up in the rigging of the tall ship Stavros E Niarchos.

Once on dry land they met up with families keen to hear their stories of life on the ocean wave, before the crew had to be back on board for one more night to get the vessel shipshape.

Tall Ships (3)The trio had been sailing for nine days since leaving Liverpool with the Tall Ships Youth Trust and a crew of 61 including students and staff from the four schools in the Emmanuel Schools Foundation.

ESF commissions a voyage every year to offer Year 9 students a once in a lifetime experience designed to challenge them, build character, teach them new skills and as a reward for students who have put in extra effort.

Bede student Alexander Dodds, 14, said:

“It’s been a great experience. We’ve seen all colours of jellyfish, whales and dolphins, and the Northern Lights. It was a challenge I felt I could do, and now I know more about it, I want to get involved again.”

Alexander Forysthe, 14, who sailed into Blyth on the t’gallant (the second from top sail), said:

“It’s been great fun. I’ve learned lots of new things. It was one of those opportunities that you couldn’t miss and I would definitely like to do it again.”

Hannah Soulsby, 14, added:

“In the beginning everything was scary but I quickly made new friends and then it all got easier.”

The Bede students were accompanied by biology teacher Dr Helen Edge, who is also a youth mentor for the tall ship charity and has completed around 25 voyages.

She said:

“We’ve had a great time. The students were absolute stars. We had good weather and saw lots of wildlife. It’s been a real adventure for everyone. The students have learned all sorts of new skills and that they’re capable of things they never thought possible.”

En route from Liverpool the crew covered 758 nautical miles, stopping off at Tobermory, on the Isle of Mull, and sailing through the Scottish Islands before heading south along the east coast of Scotland.

Senior Sports Day 2014

Sports Day (2)ATHLETES rewrote the records books with one of an academy’s most successful sports days ever.

Students from Bede Academy, Blyth, descended on Monkton Stadium, in Jarrow, smashing up to 50 records in a variety of track and field disciplines.

Stands packed with enthusiastic supporters witnessed best times broken and winning distances overhauled in a spectacular display of athleticism shown by boys and girls from Years 7 to 12.

Director of Sport Simon McAree said:

“The conditions were perfect for a day of outstanding performances and competition.

“Competitors tried their hardest and many were rewarded with a personal bests and the honour of breaking school records.”

Impressive performances on the track at both sprint and long distance were rivalled in the field with fine displays of javelin, long, triple and high jumps, discus and shot.

Sports Day (3)Year 7 girls smashed records in the 4x100m, 800m, javelin and long jump, with the 1500m and the hurdles records both taken by Megan Bird.

It was a similar story with the boys with records tumbling in the hurdles, 100m, javelin and high jump.

Year 8 girls set new records in shot, discus and 4x100m. The boys raised the bar with three boys, Taylor Glover, Cameron Williams and Lewis Richmond, putting in record-breaking performances in 100m, 200m, 800m, 1500m, high, long and triple jumps.

Year 9s saw the girls’ discus record broken by Megan Ord while there were new records in the boys’ 800m and, by Cameron Manners, in the 100m and 200m.

The girls of Year 10 set new targets in 200m, shot, javelin, long jump and 4x100m while the boys outperformed previous years in the 200m, 1500m, javelin and long jump.

Sports Day (5)Year 12 boys and girls stepped up to the mark with records set in the hurdles, 100m, 300m, 400m, 800m, shot, discus, javelin, high, long and triple jumps, with Alex Robinson, Joseph Woods, Anna Smith and Abigail Barclay each taking two records.

With all the results, the house with the most points was Oswald.

Rockets and bridge building at primary engineering day

Primary Engineering Week (3)Interest in engineering has really taken off at an academy where young students have spent a week doing experiments and building structures.

Bede Academy, in Blyth, has an engineering specialism and as students are aged from three-18 learning in the subject starts early.

The primary engineering week involved younger students in a host of activities from making and launching rockets to building bridges and even a Roman fort.Primary Engineering Week (2)

Students in Year 5 spent three mornings designing, building and launching hydro rockets with the help of Year 10 GCSE students Ryan Robertson, Thomas Henderson and Jordan Holmes from Bede Secondary.

Lauren Dixon, 10, of Blyth, explained:

“First we drew a design of our rocket and labelled it with the different parts we needed. The main bit was a plastic bottle. Then we cut pieces of card to make a cone shaped top so it was aerodynamic and wings to help it fly straight.

“Then we decorated them. I called mine Loz because that’s my nickname. It flew really well. It was really fun and I’m going to try to make some more at home.”

Jordan, 15, who is studying graphics and engineering at GCSE, launched the rockets with Year 10 colleagues by pumping air into the bottles.

“We helped the classes by showing them how to make their rockets better. They seemed to really enjoy seeing them launch outside,” he said.

Year 2 children got to take part in activities run by Bob Bower, of Architecture Workshops, including building a bridge out of elastic bands and sticks.

Bede Primary head teacher Irene Watson said:

“Given the skills shortage in engineering and the heritage of our children’s home area, it’s important that we try to develop their interest and skills in the subject early.

“Our annual engineering week is a great way to supplement what they do in the classroom every week because it’s a lot of fun and gives the children the chance to try something new.”