Maths and Music score highly at Academy

Musicians and mathematicians have excelled at Bede Academy, in Blyth, in today’s GCSEs results.

Both departments were among the success stories at the academy, with music scoring a hat-trick of 100 per cent pass rates in the last three years and nearly three quarters of students achieving an A* or A.

In maths, 70 per cent gained a top grade pass with 35 per cent of grades being significantly above expected levels of progress.

Other departments to do exceptionally well included science, where 48 per cent of grades across the different science subjects were A or better and 22 per cent of physics passes being an A*; an 84 per cent pass rate in art; and an 80 per cent pass rate in business studies.

Overall, just over half the year group achieved at least five A*-Cs including maths and English and 30 per cent gained the English Baccalaureate (EBacc) achieving at least a C grade across the core subjects of English, maths, sciences, history or geography and a foreign language.

The top ten performers were:

Chloe Henderson, seven A*s and four As;

Oliver Baron, five A*s and six As;

Heather Craddock, five A*s and six As;

David Fairbairn, six A*s, two As and three Bs;

Jordan Thompson, three A*s, seven As and one B;

Jasmine Thompson, four A*s, five As, one B and one C;

Matthew Whitehead, two A*s, eight As and one B;

Katherine Finnemore, two A*s, seven As and one B;

Dani Carr, three A*s, four As and three Bs;

Hannah Absalom, two A*s, five As and three Bs.

In congratulating all the students, principal Gwyneth Evans made special mention of the progress made by students like Jack Greenwood and Liam O’Neill.

She added:

“Today is about celebrating success, especially of those students who have tried extra hard, put in a determined effort and consequently have received excellent results which they thoroughly deserve.

“After our first set of A levels last week, when our Year 13s set the standard for future years to emulate, we are confident many of this year’s GCSE cohort will join our sixth form and go on to perform well at A level too.”

Inaugural A level students set the future standard

An Academy’s first A level students have set a high standard for future years as they celebrate some outstanding performances in today’s results.

This year’s cohort were the oldest students at Bede Academy, in Blyth, when it opened in 2009 and they joined as Year 9s, and were the first to record GCSE results two years ago.

Nearly a quarter of the Academy’s results were grade A or better and 54 per cent were a B or higher. The overall pass rate was 96 per cent. In BTEC subjects, nearly three quarters of the results were distinctions or higher.

Two students achieved the grades they need to go on university to study medicine. Jessica Long is bound for Cardiff with four A grades, while Elizabeth Cape will stay closer to home at Newcastle University with three As.

Jack Herron, a talented drummer and Bede’s Musician of the Year, was top of the boys’ chart with an A* and three As. He will read computer science at Durham University, closely followed by Matthew Coulson, who will read chemical engineering at Leeds University with three As and a B.

The Academy’s English department did particularly well with Natalie Wall securing two A*s and a B to study English literature at Durham University; Jamie Brown with two A*s and a B to study English literature at Glasgow University; Charlotte Broomfield with two As and a B to read English language and literature at Newcastle University; and Rachel Byrom with an A and two Bs to read English literature and language at Sheffield University.

Principal Gwyneth Evans said:

“This year’s results, being our first A levels, represent an historic moment in the life of Bede Academy and I’m delighted that these students have set such a high standard.

“They and their teachers have worked incredibly hard to achieve these results and they deserve to celebrate today. We now have a benchmark going forward and will continue to set our aspirations and expectations high so that future years can emulate and surpass this success.”

Other top performers were Rebecca Mein, Rachel Short, Ellen Bower, Liam Maddison, Jonathan Brown, James Swan, Ryan Chipperfield, Sophie Bell and Jack MacKenzie.

Liam Maddison, 18, of Blyth, who achieved an A*, A and two Bs, said:

“The staff at Bede went the extra mile to ensure I succeeded. They went to any length and were always there.”