Tour of Britain cycle race information

The Aviva Tour of Britain cycle race will pass through Blyth on Wednesday which will necessitate some road closures which are indicated below.

Bede South

The Academy has been informed by the organisers that there will be no access for pedestrians to cross Rotary Way from approximately 3.15pm to 3.50pm on Wednesday 9 September.  Therefore if you need to cross Rotary Way in order to return home please send a letter to the Academy stating that you will be collecting your child at 3.00pm.

Bede North

Rotary Way should be open at the end of the Academy day.

Please remember that your journey to the Academy to collect your child may take a little longer than usual if traffic is heavier due to the road closures, as this is expected to be the case.

Cycle route:

Arrival time 3.25pm at Rotary Way
The race will head into Blyth from the south on the A193 Links Road following through the town on Rotary Way, Broadway and Renwick Road before turning right on to the B1328 Waterloo Road.
The race will finish in Blyth at approximately 4.15pm on Waterloo Road.
A full road closure will be in place on Waterloo Road and Keel Row Car Park from 00.01am to 23:59pm on Wednesday 9 September to build the finish infrastructure from 4.00pm.

Please find further information concerning the road closures on the Northumberland website