THE numbers added up for Rose Hutton and Eve Morrison who achieved a clean sweep of top grade nines in vital subjects in today’s GCSEs.

(L-R) Jack Beall, Eve Hutton, Jack Williamson, Georgina Woods, Jacon Glendinning and Rose Hutton, from Bede Academy, Blyth

Bede Academy’s top students (L-R) Eve Morrison, Rose Hutton and Georgina Woods








One student takes a cautious approach towards finding out her results at Bede Academy

(L-R) Jack Beall, Jacob Glendinning and Jack Williamson celebrate being the top boys at Bede Academy












The girls led the results at Bede Academy, in Blyth, where students, parents and staff are getting used to the new grading system for maths, English language and English literature, with a nine being higher than the conventional A*.

Rose added her three nines to three A*s and four A grades, while Eve’s trio of nines completed a haul of two A*s and five As.

Top student Rose, who wil stay on at Bede’s sixth form to study art, media and maths, said: “I haven’t had time to think about the results because I’ve been doing National Citizen Service, but I did a bit above where I thought I would be.”

Eve added: “I warned my mam that I wouldn’t get my physics but I got an A and I cried after the English language exam but got a nine, so I’m really happy.”

Georgina Woods, whose brother Joseph was the academy’s first student to go to Oxford University, is emulating his success with one A*, six As, one nine and two eights, equivalent almost to an A*.

She said she liked the new numeric grading system: “I think it differentiates the levels better and gives people a chance to aim even higher.

“I’m looking forward to coming back and to start grafting in maths, chemistry and biology. I hope Joseph will be proud of me with these results.”

Matilda Robertson, with two A*s, three As, two Bs and one nine, one eight and one seven, and Leah Fitzsimmons, with three A*s, two As, two Bs and three sevens, were also celebrating.

The leading boys, with identical results, were Jacob Glendinning, who is hoping to study architecture at university, and science specialist Jack Williamson, who each achieved three A*s, three As, one B, two eights and one seven.

Talented pianist Jack Beall, who is well known at the academy for playing a key role in concerts and productions, achieved three A*s, two As, one B, one C, one nine, one eight and one seven.

Principal Gwyneth Evans said: “Despite an increase in the difficulty of examinations, we are delighted that Bede Academy has maintained the proportion of high grades, with students achieving 16 grade nines, compared with the national expectation of three grade nines per school.

“Our students have performed exceptionally well under the new grading system with some excellent results, which for most are a springboard to continuing to A Levels in our sixth form. I want to thank parents for their hard work and commitment, and also our staff who consistently go above and beyond the call of duty.”

Stephanie is first girl to Oxford as academy celebrates A Levels success

Bede Academy students celebrate securing their places to study at Durham University, (L-R) Elenore Gibson, Kirsty Routledge and Neave Herridge

Stephanie Cullum, 18, of Blyth, is the first female student from Bede Academy, in Blyth, to secure a place at Oxford University










Bede Academy students celebrate securing their places to study at Durham University, (L-R) Neave Herridge, Lewis Dunsmure, Elenore Gibson and Kirsty Routledge

Angels are flying high – Bede Academy nursing students celebrate their A Level results, (left-right) Chloe Adams, Sophie Todd, Alisha Long and Rebecca Douglas













AN academy is toasting the success of its first female student achieving a place at prestigious Oxford University.

Stephanie Cullum has made history at Bede Academy, in Blyth, and will read biology after gaining A*s in biology and chemistry and two As in mathematics and the Extended Project Qualification in today’s A Levels.

She follows Joseph Woods, the academy’s first student to go to Oxford University, who gained a place to read chemistry at St Peter’s College two years ago. Joseph has since been back to Bede to inspire students to aim high and be motivated by his success.

Stephanie has led a top ten of female performances at Bede, where half of all the A Level results were at grade B or higher. The 100 per cent pass rate in BTEC subjects included 92 per cent at distinction.

“I felt quite calm this morning, I don’t think it had really sunk in that today was finally results day,” said Stephanie, 18, of Blyth.

“I did have a peek online before I opened my results and saw that I had been accepted. My mum and dad were so happy and just started jumping up and down around the house.

“I only applied for an Oxbridge place two weeks before the application deadline, just on the off chance, so I’m ecstatic to have got in and hopefully as the first girl from Bede to secure an Oxbridge place I can blaze a trail for other students here at the academy to follow in the future.”

Dad Peter added: “This fantastic achievement really reflects all of Stephanie’s hard work over the past two years and the fantastic support that she has received from the teaching staff at Bede Academy.

“She is the first in the family to go to an Oxbridge university and we are all exceptionally proud of her.”

Three of the girls, and one boy, are heading to Durham University – Elenore Gibson will study ancient and modern history with two As and a B, Kirsty Routledge will read geography, Neave Herridge will study theology and religion, both having gained two As and a B, and Lewis Dunsmure will read law after securing one A*, two As and a B.

Laura Strachan, who achieved four B grades, will read English language and linguistics at York St. John University.

Rebecca Douglas, who gained three Bs and will study nursing at Leeds University, led a number of students opting to pursue a medical career, with Lucy McVey going to Northumbria University and Alisha Long also going to Leeds to study midwifery.

Northumbria University will welcome at least three more girls from Bede – Robyn Gregory studying applied sciences, Keera Tate on the fashion communication course, and Erin Scott to read geography.

Principal Gwyneth Evans said: “We are delighted with this year’s results which are just reward for the tremendous work put in by students and their teachers, with the support of parents.

“Over the years we have seen enormous strides in the ambition and aspiration of our students and their appreciation that effort and determination brings rewards. It’s wonderful to see how that now translates into some outstanding results and amazing opportunities for their futures.”