Year 12 (September 2023 start)

To support your transition to Advanced Level study with us starting September 2023, our experienced A Level teachers have put together guidance / advice and resources to ensure you make a strong start to all of your courses.  The guidance is focussed on the expectations of the exam boards we use for each subject.  In addition to the subject support we have included some activities you might like to access to help further develop your academic and transferrable skills.

GCSE to A-Level and BTEC Transition Documents


BTEC Engineering, Product Design, Textiles


English Language

English Literature

Texts to read: A view from the bridge



BTEC Health and Social Care


BTEC Information Technology




Religious Studies

Welcome to Religious Studies at A Level! You’ve chosen a subject that will help you extend your knowledge and understanding of the world in which you live, to explore a whole range of philosophical, ethical and Theological questions, and develop essential transferable skills for higher education. You’ll be building upon your success at GCSE and will recognise some of the topics such as aspects of Medical Ethics, ideas about whether war is justifiable, and the study of a New Testament text. Get ready to go deeper and higher and to get philosophical with it! Watch this video and work through the booklet. John’s Gospel


Biology, Chemistry and Physics Human Biology and Psychology

BTEC Travel and Tourism

BTEC Sport

In this course you will look at how sport can be understood from a scientific perspective, focussing on specific details while maintaining a broad overview of the subject using examples from many different sports such as running, athletics, cycling and swimming to illustrate the different ways in which sport and science interact.

Exploring Sport Online

Create an account and complete the course. Print out or save certificate at end and bring to your first lesson in September. Course will give a great introduction to the body systems which forms basis of our work in yr 12 autumn term

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