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Bede Academy
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Bede Academy Careers Vision:

The vision for careers within Bede Academy is to raise aspirations. We want students to leave the Academy with the knowledge that they have developed their own academic ability through their understanding of careers. Through this understanding they will make informed choices that move them into their chosen career whether that be through University, Apprenticeships and the job market.  

We work towards this vision as an Academy by enabling high quality progression into areas students are gifted in and want to develop in.

Below is an overview of the Careers Provision that is added into the Academy’s Personal Development Program for the coming year 2022/2023:

Personal Development Curriculum – Value your Future

Year 13Unifrog /PixlUnifrog /PixlUnifrog /PixlUnifrog /PixlEPQUnifrog /PixlUnifrog /Pixl
Year 12Unifrog /PixlUnifrog /PixlWEXUnifrog /PixlUnifrog /PixlUnifrog /Pixl
Year 11
Sixth form
Sixth form
Careers 2:Energy -
Catapult and British
Preparation for
Sixth Form
Year 10UnifrogCareers 1: Energy - Catapult and British VoltWEX
Uni Experience

Career 2: Digital -
Computer Science
Year 9
Career 1: Subsea
Offshore and Energy
Technologies- POB
Career 2: Health
and life Sciences - NHS

Understanding of
KS4 Options
Career 3: Uniformed
Public Services- Police,
Ambulance and Fire
Year 8
UnifrogCareers 1: Energy -
Catapult and British Volt
Career 2: Digital -Computer
Career 3: Advanced
Manufacturing - Tharsus and
NECOPPUni Experience
Year 7
UnifrogCareer 1: Values & Career
Career 2: Health and life
Sciences- NHS
Career 3: Uniformed Public
Services- Police, Ambulance
and Fire Service
Intro To Sixth Form

Through the above PD provision, you can see that our careers programme is practical, targeted, and individualised. We focus on careers throughout the PD programme each half term, but also offer bespoke careers development across the course of the year. 

Throughout the PD provision:

Every student starts with Unifrog to develop an understanding the concept of careers and their overall goals. Many students within KS4&5 will also use Unifrog during their free time to explore careers provision further.

Students will then gain an insight into Labour Market Information based on a variety of areas:

  • Digital Careers
  • Advanced Manufacturers
  • Health and Life Science

Moving into KS4 & 5 students gain a bespoke PD curriculum based on career progression through the introduction of work experience and preparation for after Academy life. This will include how to write a CV and cover letter for a job alongside the application process for work experience placement

The following websites are worth visiting for further information:

Labour Market Information

We make full use of national and local labour market information to inform and guide students in their decisions about future destinations.  

The North East Local Enterprise Partnership has identified the following local areas of opportunity and these are embedded within our careers provision:


Advanced Manufacturing

Health & Life Sciences

National Labour Market Information can be found here:

Year 11 Destination Data

Year 13 Destination Data