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Our vision can be simply stated as excellence for all. We seek to provide our students with an outstanding education underpinned by traditional Christian values. Within a supportive environment, students are challenged to achieve their personal best and inspired to serve others with their talents.
We want the careers education at Bede Academy to raise aspirations of all and we want students to leave the Academy with the knowledge and skills necessary so that they can use their abilities to serve others and make a positive contribution to society. Through the understanding that they gain, they will make informed choices that move them into their chosen life long career whether that be through University, Apprenticeships and the job market, and being able to access the local opportunities that are and will be available.

We have designed a flexible careers programme to ensure our students move into post-16 and post-18 pathways that suit their skills, interests, personality and values, and which take account of their motivations. We recognise that effective careers guidance contributes to raising aspirations, improving motivation and overcoming barriers to success. Our expectations are high, including for our most vulnerable students and those with special educational needs, so that every child is challenged appropriately and acquires the knowledge, skills and attitudes for lifelong learning that employer’s value.

Excellence Curriculum Outcomes

  • Increase the number of curriculum/industry projects across KS3 that 100% students participate in. This will include a range of opportunities within local industry, mapped across the curriculum.
  • Ensure students have access to high quality vocational opportunities that support student pathways into the following industries: Digital, Advanced Manufacturing, Health and Life Sciences, Subsea, offshore and energy technologies and Energy through the development of T levels.
  • Increasing proportion of students going on to university (inc Russell Group) and degree level apprenticeships.
  • Enable access for students to join sxith-form
  • Ensure all students gain their preferred, high quality destination.

Excellence in Community

  • Clear progression within STEM subjects to higher level apprenticeships within local industry.
  • Work with employers to ensure they are fully informed of curriculum pathways.
  • Clearly communicate pathways available and up to date labour market information to parents.

Excellence in Character

  • Curriculum demonstrates opportunities for all students to contribute to and grow their impact in the community, through service and leadership.
  • Ensure students are prearped to enter the world of work.

Careers Overview

Our careers provision is delivered in a number of different ways including personal development lessons (PD), bespoke workshops and elctures and exteranl visits. You can see that our careers programme is practical, targeted, and individualised. We focus on careers throughout the PD programme each half term, but also offer bespoke careers development across the course of the year. 

Every student will make use of Unifrog to develop an understanding of the concept of careers and their overall goals. Many students within KS4&5 will also use Unifrog during their free time to explore careers provision further.

Students will then gain an insight into Labour Market Information based on a variety of areas:

  • Digital Careers
  • Advanced Manufacturers
  • Health and Life Science

Moving into KS4 & 5 students gain a bespoke PD curriculum based on career progression through the introduction of work experience and preparation for after Academy life. This will include how to write a CV and cover letter for a job alongside the application process for work experience placement.

We measure the success of our careers provision by using:

  • Destinations Data – we monitor destinations data each year, to ensure we understand what our students go on to do and the impact of any guidance.
  • Student reflections – students reflect upon their experices and what they have learnt and the impact it has had on them.
  • Parent evaluation – each year, we have an annual review of the programme from parents.
  • Employer evaluation – we are in constant contact with employers to seek information about their workforce needs and the impact of our careers provision.

Looking for an apprenticeship:

There are four different apprenticeship levels:
  • Intermediate: Level 2 (GCSE Equivalent)
  • Advanced: Level 3 (A-level and Level 3 BTEC Equivalent)
  • Higher: Level 4 or 5 (Equivalent to a foundation degree)
  • Degree: Level 6 or 7 (offer the opportunity to earn a full bachelor’s or master’s degree)
You can find apprenticeships in the following ways:

The following websites are worth visiting for further information:

Labour Market Information

We make full use of national and local labour market information to inform and guide students in their decisions about future destinations.  We encourage students and parents to use this information as you discuss possible careers.

The North East Local Enterprise Partnership has identified the following local areas of opportunity and these are embedded within our careers provision:


Advanced Manufacturing

Health & Life Sciences

National Labour Market Information can be found here:

Year 11 Destination Data

Year 13 Destination Data

Key contacts
Careers Leader: Dr C Sams
Governor: Mr D Swan
Bede Academy
NE24 2SY

Telephone: 01670 545111
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Next Review Due September 2024