Nokuphila Challenge Update 16th July 2020

Hello everyone, There is a saying amongst runners, particularly long distance runners, that goes something like this; ‘Run the first two-thirds of a race with your head and the last third with your heart.’  For me I think it is more like ‘run the first third of the race with my legs, and the last

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Message to our new Year 7

This week, our year six students from Bede South have been making welcome postcards for the students who will be joining us in year 7 from other primaries.  Here are some of their messages to you: ‘Even though you are probably feeling quite anxious, don’t be. The School is really big but it is easy

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Aidan House Newsletter 10th July 2020

Hello everyone, Here is our latest Aidan newsletter with all the information and updates about what has been going on for Aidan House. Please click on the image below to open the newsletter: Have a lovely week and as always, stay safe. Mrs Ridley.

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