Cuthbert House Review of the Year 2019-20

Hello Cuthbert House, What can I say? It has been a very strange year and we will probably never experience another school year like it again! Despite all of the disruption we have had during the Spring and Summer Terms, I would like to congratulate you all on your perseverance and ability to adapt to

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Nokuphila Challenge Update 16th July 2020

Hello everyone, There is a saying amongst runners, particularly long distance runners, that goes something like this; ‘Run the first two-thirds of a race with your head and the last third with your heart.’  For me I think it is more like ‘run the first third of the race with my legs, and the last

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Postcards from Bede South students to other Year 6 students

Hello Cuthbert House, The Year 6 Cuthbert House students who attend Bede South completed a series of transition activities on Wednesday 15th July.  One of the activities required the students to write a postcard to the students who will be joining us in September from our other feeder primary schools.  I have selected a small

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