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Charitable giving has always been a key expression of our ethos at Bede Academy.  The following are opportunities for us to continue to express our support for others in this way:

The Food bank drop-off points are at ASDA and Bede Academy Secondary School – main entrance


Last year, through the Elmer appeal

we raised over £1,000 for St Oswald’s hospice.  Here is another opportunity for us to support this wonderful hospice.  If you do the 2.6 challenge then please feel free to send pics in for our news/Twitter feed.  This is an enjoyable challenge which many are doing across the country for different causes.

Girls Network report

You may have been following the journey of our first Girls Network mentees in previous newsletters, and, if so, you will know that they recently celebrated the end of their year of mentoring.  This was, of course, not the end of their GN journey as the girls have now graduated to be ambassadors for the Network.  Furthermore, they had one more task to complete in a reflection on how the experience has affected them and what they are grateful for.  The result of such reflection is the impact report produced by North East Network manager, Alison Allan, with whom we have had the privilege to work all year.  The report makes for wonderful reading and is a clear statement of the benefit our girls have received from the project.

Bede Academy teams up with local businesses and the community in the battle to beat COVID 19

Students and teachers at the Bede Academy recently teamed up with Northumbrian Water to produce PPE Visors for the health sector amid the COVID 19 crisis. READ MORE

Continuing to support our local community

In my last update, I outlined some of the ways in which we can work together to support our local community in these challenging times.  And I’d now like to give an update. READ MORE


Bede, local businesses and the community battle to beat COVID 19

Supporting our local community

The current situation is making new demands on all of us, and asking us to live and love in different ways.  St Bede’s Church Newsham and Bede Academy are working together closely to love and serve our local community at this time. I have been asked to be a community co-ordinator for the NHS / County Council.  I am waiting for more details about this initiative, but in the meantime, we have a group of local volunteers who are willing to do essential food shops etc for those who are in isolation.

Offering help:

There are number of things we can do to love and serve others:

  1. The Blyth Foodbank is running very short of essential non-perishable supplies, and a number of their regular drop-off points in shops and businesses are now closed and demand on foodbanks is increasing all the time.

Whilst the collection point at Asda remains the main collection point we are starting a new drop-off point at the entrance to the main building at Bede Academy (North) at the following times – 10 am to 2.30 pm, from Monday to Friday.  The doors will open automatically to the school porch, where the collection point will be.  There will be no need to enter the academy building at all.

Please observe social distancing guidelines when dropping off food – and please only drop items off if you are already out on an essential journey or are taking your daily walk. Do not drop off donations outside of these times as students and parents who are critical workers will be arriving at the academy for the start and end of the academy day. The Foodbank requires the following items: pasta sauce, cereal, tinned veg & fruit, tinned spaghetti, tinned meat/fish, tinned rice pudding. No fresh produce, please, as they don’t have the storage facilities.

2)         If you need assistance or would like to become a community volunteer:

If you or someone known to you would like assistance or if you can offer assistance then please email

3) The NHS has started a national initiative (GoodSAM) to recruit volunteers to transport patients fit for discharge back home, do shopping, and check-in and chat with those in     isolation.  To register, please visit:

I know that there is great community spirit in this local area: please consider working with us to support those who are isolated, vulnerable, or in need.

Regards Ian