Cuthbert House Review of the Year 2019-20

Hello Cuthbert House,

What can I say? It has been a very strange year and we will probably never experience another school year like it again! Despite all of the disruption we have had during the Spring and Summer Terms, I would like to congratulate you all on your perseverance and ability to adapt to this unique situation.  You have been a credit to yourselves and to Bede Academy.

It has been my pleasure to be Head of Cuthbert House during this academic year.  There are many successes for us to celebrate, with victories in House Football, Languages, Chess, X Factor, Rugby, Scrabble and Easter Egg competitions.  I would like to offer my thanks and congratulations to everyone who stepped-up and represented Cuthbert House in any of the house events this year, your contributions are necessary if we are to be successful in winning the House Cup.

Despite our many successes across various house events, the Final House Cup standings are:

  1. Oswald
  2. Aidan
  3. Cuthbert

I would like to offer my congratulations to Oswald on their dominant victory, they were simply too good for us this year.  I would also like to extend those congratulations to Aidan for finishing second and being excellent competitors.

So what went wrong for Cuthbert House? I would like to think that after being the dominant house for the past decade, we were simply giving the other houses their chance to shine.  However, I know that is not the case and that there are areas we need to improve upon if we are to reclaim the House Cup next year.  The areas we are going to concentrate on are:

  • Attendance – our attendance was the lowest throughout the year
  • GOLD Marks – the number of GOLD Marks we achieved was the lowest throughout the year
  • Participation – we need more students to be willing to step-up and represent Cuthbert House in the various house events.

On the subject of improving participation in house events, I am delighted to announce that Mrs Street is joining the Cuthbert House team as Assistant Head of House in September.  Mrs Street is a ‘quality’ addition to our team and I am sure that she will help to drive participation, particularly with the sporting events, which will help to improve our performance next year.

In other exciting news, Cuthbert House is getting its own base in September.  We will be moving from the existing Pastoral Office and will be re-locating to room 207.  This means that we will have a designated area where the Cuthbert House Team can deal with any pastoral issues relating to Cuthbert House students.

Finally, I would like to wish all Cuthbert House staff and students an enjoyable summer.  The last few months have been difficult, but you have all shown character (it counts!) and resilience.  Please do stay safe over the holidays and I look forward to seeing you all in September.  Looks like Cuthberty is already enjoying himself:

Best wishes,

Mr Hardie.