Have a great half-term!

Hello everyone,

I just wanted to recognise your achievements and to say well-done to everyone who has engaged with their learning over the past few weeks. There have been numerous challenges, but this has to be expected when it is a completely new way of working.  I am very proud of the resilience that you continue to display during these unprecedented times and I am delighted that we have managed to maintain a sense of community, which has been evident through your participation in the various house events.

Over the last half-term, we have all encountered problems and had to find new and innovative solutions to these problems.  Some of the work that is being produced at home has been outstanding and I would like to draw your attention to just a few examples of what is possible when you put your mind to it:

Alex – 7 MacKinlay: Outstanding Geography work

This outstanding piece of work has received excellent comments from numerous teachers.  Just because we are not in school does not mean that we cannot produce outstanding work.  What a fantastic effort!

Elise – 10 Birdsall: 2nd place in House Cutest Pet Competition

We received many entries for this competition and the pictures were brilliant.  We had our first ever online vote to decide upon which pets would represent Cuthbert House in the the final.  Elise’s dog won the vote and then came 2nd overall in the final.

Andrew – 11 Fisher: 1st place in House Easter Egg Competition

We received some very creative designs for the Easter Egg Competition, but it was Andrew’s Asterix and Obelix eggs that did enough for him to win the competition for Cuthbert House.  An honourable mention must also go to Grace from 10 Birdsall who came 3rd with her entry.

Supporting NHS staff and other key workers

Way back at the start of the lockdown, we asked for students to draw rainbows to show support for NHS staff and other key workers.  I was really impressed by just how many students showed their support, but an extra special mention must go to the students in 10 Birdsall, not only for the number of rainbows they created, but also for their artistic interpretations – I wonder who could have influenced them with that!  These rainbows were created by Daniel in 8 Maughan:

The Great Bede Bake-Off

The final event that students participated in was The Great Bede Bake-Off.  We won’t find out the results of this competition until after half-term, but the quality of entries was excellent.  My only disappointment was that I could only look at pictures of the creations and didn’t get to taste any of them. In these times when a person has been unable to visit Greggs for several weeks, I found Ben from 8 Haley’s entry particularly cruel!

There are many new events coming during the next half-term, including the Creative Writing competition which has already been launched and the half-term holiday could prove to be an ideal time to prepare your entry for this competition.  It is really important that you take some time to rest and re-charge your batteries over half-term, but if you still have tasks to complete then please do so, as I do not want there to be any gaps in your learning when we do return to school.

In the meantime, I hope you all have an enjoyable and restful half-term when it arrives.


Mr Hardie.