Homework gives students regular practice in organising their own work and learning to work independently of staff and other students.  It provides an opportunity for staff to find out how well students have understood their classwork.  Homework helps to reinforce and extend work started in school.  

For homework to be effective however, it must be thoroughly planned either as an extension to the lesson that was underway when it was set, or as preparation for an upcoming lesson, or to link one lesson with another.  In any case, it must be reviewed with students upon completion.  Teachers should ensure that success criteria for the homework are as clear as possible but that they neither limit students nor place them under excessive burdens.  Achievement of this is a fine balance, which emphasises the need for careful planning and explaining of the homework as an integral part of the lesson plan.

The following time allowances should be adhered to when planning homework: 

In the run-up to formal examinations, homework will predominantly be revision but this should be planned to focus on students areas of weakness by the class teacher and completion should be checked by the class teacher. There may be a need for these tasks to be more bespoke and therefore different students within one class may have different homework tasks.  

From September 2020 onwards, all homework tasks should be recorded on google classroom to support students with completion of homework. 

Any questions or queries in regards to homework in secondary years should be directed to the Academic Team