The following information is a guide for students (and their parents) about the Bede Academy’s approach to homework: 

Why do you get homework? 

Homework can result in students making accelerated progress in academic subjects (including reading).  This is equivalent to an extra 5 months each year, which is over 2 years across secondary years.  

Homework that is linked to classwork is most effective and digital homework has been shown to have an even higher impact.   

Some students may not have somewhere quiet to complete their homework at home and there are a number of ways to complete homework in the academy if needed (or preferred).   

All students must have access to a computer and internet to be able to complete work from home.  Please speak to your tutor if you do not have access to a suitable device at home.   

You can find out more about the latest research relating to homework here. 

How much homework do you get? 

In Key Stage 3 (Year 7 – 9), you will get two pieces of homework each night.  30 minutes subject-based task plus 30 minutes reading.  

In Key Stage 4 (Year 10 & 11) you will get 2 pieces of homework each night. These will take up to 40 minutes each.  

When do you get homework?

How do you record your homework? 

When you are given homework: 

  • You record your homework in your Study File during your lesson.  
  • Your teacher records your homework on Microsoft Teams.  
  • Your parents will receive a weekly summary of your homework assignments.  

To submit your homework: 

  • You complete your homework online and turn in on Microsoft Teams. 
    (If you are completing homework online, you may have to record your scores in Microsoft Teams too) 

What if I miss my homework? 

You are responsible for ensuring that homework in completed on time. If your homework is not completed by the deadline, you will be given a 45-minute homework detention. Missed detentions will be automatically escalated. 

At the homework detention you will be supported to complete your homework and to avoid missing deadlines in the future. 

Just ask for help if you need to! 

The best way for you to request help is by contacting your teacher, via  Microsoft Teams.   

Parents should not use Microsoft Teams or individual emails to contact teachers at the academy directly, and instead should email academicteam@bedeacademy.org.uk.

Any questions or queries in regards to homework in secondary years should be directed to the Academic Team