Each ESF school is responsible for writing and regularly reviewing its own set of policies covering all aspects of the school’s life, routines and procedures.

Policies are informative, working documents which aim to establish excellence in procedures and practice and which educate and empower those that work within the organisation. Their contents are in harmony with the core values and Christian ethos of the schools.

On each policy document, the date of the most recent review and the date of the next scheduled review will be recorded so that no policy becomes out of date. Links to key policies for the schools can be found on each school’s website.

1.   Accessibility Plan
2.   Admissions and Appeals
3.   Anti-bullying Policy
4.   Behaviour and Discipline
5.   Careers Guidance and Inspiration
6.   Early Years Policy
7.   Equalities Action Plan
8.   Health and Safety Policy
9.   Home School Policy
10.   Nursery Admissions
11.   Safeguarding and child Protection Policy
12.   Safeguarding Delivery Plan
13.   Safeguarding Summary
14.   SMSC Policy
15.   Special Educational Needs
16.   Supporting Students with Medical Conditions
17.   Transition Policy
18.   Uniform Policy 
19.   Uniform Style Guide


In addition to individual schools’ policies, a number of policies govern the running of the Foundation. Links to key policies and procedures can be found below:


1.   ESF Academy Articles of Association
2.   ESF Anti-Bribery Policy
3.   ESF British Values Policy
4.   ESF Charging and Remissions Policy
5.   ESF Complaints Policy
6.   ESF Data Protection Policy
7.   ESF Disclosure and Barring Service Policy
8.   ESF E-Safety Policy.pdf
9.   ESF Equal Opportunities and Diversity Policy
10.   ESF Freedom of Information Policy
11.   ESF Freedom of Information Procedure
12.   ESF Funding Agreement (Master)
13.   ESF Funding Agreement (Emmanuel College)
14.   ESF Gender Pay Gap Report 2018-19
15.   ESF Health and Safety Statement
16.   ESF Provider Access Policy
17.   ESF Records Management and Retention Policy and Schedule
18.   ESF Relationships and Sex Education Policy
19.   ESF Scheme of Delegation
20.   ESF Statement of Procedures for dealing with allegations of abuse against staff
21.   ESF Supplemental Funding Agreement – Bede Academy
22.   ESF Supplemental Funding Agreement – The King’s Academy
23.   ESF Supplemental Funding Agreement – Trinity Academy
24.   ESF Supplemental Funding Agreement – Grace College
25.   ESF Supplemental Funding Agreement – Christ’s College
26.   ESF Trade Union Facility Time 18-19 Statutory Reporting
27.   ESF Whistleblowing Policy
28.   ESF Modern Slavery Statement 2019
29.   ESF Parent and Visitor Code of Conduct
30.   ESF Equality Policy