Message to our new Year 7

This week, our year six students from Bede South have been making welcome postcards for the students who will be joining us in year 7 from other primaries. 

Here are some of their messages to you:

‘Even though you are probably feeling quite anxious, don’t be. The School is really big but it is easy to find your way around. The teachers are super nice and really fun’. – Bethany

‘Bede is awesome. The food is great, the teachers are really nice and I think you’ll enjoy it’. – Rhys

‘Bede Academy is very friendly, the building is very tidy. The teachers try to make you laugh and I know you will make lots of new friends.’ – Rose

‘I hope you’re looking forward to coming to Bede in September. I’ve been here since I was 4. There are lots of nice people and I am looking forward to seeing you here’. – Ruby

‘The school lunches are delicious and the teachers are really nice. Always remember, Aidan House is the best’. – Sarah

‘Do not worry about Bede. The teachers are really nice and funny. They have everything organised for you. They tell you everything you need to know’. – Robbie

‘In Bede, it is extremely easy to make friends and there is a wide range of clubs to join’. – Ella


I hope you have a very happy and peaceful Summer break with those at home. We are all really looking forward to meeting you and having you all with us in the Academy in September.

Take care and best wishes, 

Mrs Ridley