New Year 7: Mr Hardie answers your questions

Hello Cuthbert House,

We are almost at the Summer Holidays and this means that we will have new students joining us in Year 7 in September.  These students have been submitting questions for me to answer, the questions and answers can be found below:

Are all year groups coming back on the same day?

Yes, all year groups will be starting on Thursday 3rd September.

When will I find out which tutor group I am in?

You will hopefully find out very soon.  All I can tell you at the moment is that you are in Cuthbert House, so you will either have Miss Kale, Mrs Fraser or Mr Eschle.

Will I always be with my form class, or will I be in sets with other students?

You will be with your tutor group every morning for registration and assemblies and also for DEAR time (individual reading) each afternoon.  Other than that, you will be in sets for your other subjects.

How will we know where to go/who our teachers are?

You will all receive a timetable and this will include all of the rooms that your lessons will take place in, who your teachers are and the timings for each lesson.

Will we get different teachers for each subject?

Yes. Unlike primary school, you will get a different teacher who specialises in each of your subjects.

What subjects will we be studying?

I hope I’ve not missed any, but you will be studying Maths, English, Science, PTE, History, Geography, ICT, Art, Music, Engineering, French and PE.

How many students are there in a class?

It will change from subject to subject, but the maximum number of students in a class is usually 30.

Will students have to wear blazers and ties in September?

The plan is that our uniform will be back to normal, so students will be required to wear their ties and blazers.  However, if that changes we will contact parents to let them know.

Are there people who we can talk to if we are upset or worried about something?

Yes, students can either speak to a member of the Cuthbert House Team (located on the 2nd floor), or they can speak to the Welfare Team who are located on the 1st floor.

What do I do if I get lost?

Lots of students get lost during the first few days.  If this happens to you, the best thing to do is to ask a member of staff or an older student for help.

What time is lunch?

Lunch for Year 7 students is at 11:50 from Monday to Thursday.  It is slightly different on a Friday, so I will explain this to you when you are in school.

How do our teachers decide which sets we are in?

We use a lot of different information including tests, although I am unsure if these will be happening this year, and we also get information about you from your primary school.  Don’t worry about sets, they are there to ensure that you are learning the correct content with other students of a similar ability.  Just because you are in a particular set, it does not mean that you cannot move sets.

How do you grade our work?

It will differ from subject to subject, but you will complete regular tests and your classwork will be graded when your teacher marks it too.

Are there after school clubs and how do I join them?

There are dozens of after school clubs.  I have never been in a school that has as many different clubs for students to join! You will get a full list of what is available when you start, but there will be something for everyone.  All you need to do is sign-up for whichever clubs you would to join.

Is there a cookery club?

Yes, there is a cookery club and there are also a few different cookery/baking events that take place throughout the year, so if you are interested in cookery then there is plenty to get involved with.

Should I bring my PE kit on the first day?

No, you do not need your PE kit on the first day, as you will be completing a range of activities in your tutor group.

Is there a girls’ football team?

I think we are going to have a girls’ football team for the first time ever at Bede Academy.  If you are interested, I would recommend speaking to Miss Lee, who is Head of Oswald House, as she is a professional footballer.

Who are the PE teachers?

The Head of PE is Mr McAree and the PE teachers are Mrs Street, Mrs Stewart, Miss Lee, Mr Sutherland and Mr Eschle.

What is Mr Hardie’s favourite subject?

Mr Hardie’s favourite subject is ICT, but that is because he teaches ICT… some of you might even be lucky enough to be in his class!

Finally, I received lots of questions about the the impact of the Covid 19 pandemic and how this will affect arrangements in school in September.  I have not answered these, as it is highly likely that things will change before then, so I do not want to give out information that is wrong.  All you need to know it that we have lots of plans in place to keep you all safe and to ensure that you get not only a great education, but also a fantastic experience at Bede Academy.

I hope that this all helps and answers your questions!

Mr Hardie.