Why is the Geography curriculum as it is?

Bede Academy’s Christian ethos underpins our geography curriculum; such that our students leave Bede Academy with the knowledge and tools to live in a way that benefits God’s Creation; people and the environment. Geography also encourages a love of and respect for God’s creation. The geographical knowledge that is imparted is important both in its own right and as a foundation for the better understanding of God’s world.

At Bede Academy, we recognise the importance of geography in every aspect of daily life. Our ambition is to produce global citizens who are curious about their world, developing the skills to independently deepen their understanding of what they see and experience around them and never shying away from understanding that the rights and privileges they have, come with personal responsibilities to their communities, region and wider world.

Our geography curriculum will inspire students to appreciate their locality alongside stimulating their interest in the global community. Our students will develop a deep understanding of the processes and concepts underpinning physical and human geography whilst also understanding how human action in one place has consequences elsewhere and furthermore how this dynamic interrelationship between the physical and human worlds is shaping our planet.

Our students will learn to appreciate the differences in the lives of others and to take responsibility in respecting all of God’s creation, whilst developing a diverse range of skills that enable them to engage with big questions about people, society and the environment.

The knowledge rich curriculum will be taught and sequenced deliberately in such a way as to be remembered not merely encountered; allowing for students to develop their skills of relational thinking through enquiry, questioning, investigation and critical thinking about challenges affecting the world.

Where possible, links are made to our local context of North East England including enrichment opportunities, such as fieldtrips ( e.g. Ouseburn, Newcastle, Lynemouth, Northumberland, Newbiggin Beach, Northumberland) that develop a diverse range of geographical skills that enable students to identify, assimilate, analyse and communicate data in a productive manner. The diverse range of links to the locality will allow for students to have insight into a range of geography related careers which will stimulate their interest in the subject beyond their school years.

Our geography curriculum holds character development at its heart as it aims to nurture inquisitive and informed students, equipped to be global citizens; socially and environmentally responsible. The curriculum gives opportunity for all the core values of the academy to be demonstrated from Compassion to those struggling with poverty to encouraging Accountability in lifestyle choices and courage to stand up for the weak in the world.

Subjects include GCSE Geography, A-level Geography and BTEC Travel and Tourism.

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