Why is the History curriculum as it is?

We strongly believe that History teaches the values which make us humans, not only teaching valuable knowledge and skills, but also the characteristics of good citizenship. History encourages a love of and respect for historical knowledge as important both in its own right and as a foundation for the better understanding of God’s world. Seeing Jesus as the finest example of humanity, we strive to follow his example and help students develop skills which will enable them to profit from adult life, and the character and empathy with which they may contribute in their turn. It is also the intention to build this love for History and attitude of mind, in part by the example of our own commitment and enthusiasm in this subject.

At Bede Academy, we recognise the huge importance of teaching History. History initiates young people into the educated community by transmitting the knowledge and skills deemed central to ‘historical literacy’ and social participation. In this way History seeks to reveal both the fascinating variety of human experience and also how the historian’s method of identifying, deciphering and evaluating sources establishes many of the facts of our past. To promote respect for truth and to provide students with a foundation in certainty, History teaching at Bede Academy begins by emphasising that factual knowledge underpins the subject.

History explores the ways in which the creation, selection and interpretation of historical data is recognised as being influenced by the worldview. As students mature they come to understand that contemporary historical sources reflect the worldview of their originator, and that consideration of the historical significance and meaning of a common set of facts may result in different outcomes for historians who approach their evaluation from alternative worldviews. Over time, students will learn to recognise that the selection of facts may reveal only part of the overall picture and ultimately become able to develop their own interpretations.

The knowledge rich curriculum will be taught and sequenced to allowed students to come to understand both the loving and wayward behaviours of humanity, mankind’s role in stewardship; mankind’s fallibility and tendencies; and the interpretation of patterns of blessing and adversity.

We value our local links and History teaches students about the importance of locality. Students will experience the impressive nature of the historical significance of Northumberland, from its roots as the largest Anglo-Saxon kingdom through to its rebellious past and its contribution to the war effort during World War Two. This allows students to create a sense of identity and affiliation with their local environment, but also to understand the part their locality has played in global events. The use of enrichment activities and visiting local historians will also allow students to have insight into a range of history related careers which will stimulate their interest in the subject beyond their school years.

Our History curriculum holds character development at its heart and we investigate the life of various historical characters in the belief that these individuals will inspire and show students the rightful decisions to make in their own lives. History not only teaches examples of our core values but also teaches; justice; responsible stewardship; compassion; authenticity; meaningfulness, validity; discernment; perseverance; precision; judgement in interpretation; responsible use of quantitative and qualitative data.

Subjects include GCSE History and A-level History.

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