Why is the Physical Education curriculum as it is?

Bede Academy’s Christian ethos underpins our Physical Education curriculum. Physical activity provides an ideal platform for students to use their God given talents and abilities to support and benefit others. Physical health and fitness affect all of life including emotional well-being and intellectual capability and therefore they are important beyond themselves. Our bodies, minds and spirits are gifts given to us that are interwoven and that together contribute towards our wholeness as people – each one of them being vitally important.

At Bede Academy, we recognise the importance of physical activity in every aspect of daily life. Our intent is to provide a broad and balanced curriculum that enables all students to enjoy and appreciate PE through learning, experience, performance and competition.

Our aim is to embed a lifelong love of physical activity through a deep understanding of the benefits of exercise upon our physical, social and mental health. Substantive knowledge is developed to ensure our students are ready with the skills, knowledge and understanding for the specific disciplines of games, dance, gymnastics and athletics. Key concepts are built on and re-visited in order to ‘make it stick’. This model allows children to build on prior knowledge and increases their enthusiasm for topics whilst embedding this knowledge into their long-term memory.

Disciplinary knowledge are embedded into each topic the children study and are re-visited and developed throughout the school. All children are encouraged to develop and use a range of skills and to be able to transfer these across activities and adapt within different situations. Students are encouraged to reflect on their own and others’ performances and suggest improvements to them. Specialist vocabulary for topics is taught and built up, and effective questioning to communicate ideas is encouraged. Concepts taught should be reinforced by creating an environment and conditions which encourages creativity, resilience, determination and teamwork.

Community is an important aspect of our PE curriculum and activities throughout the School. The Academy is able to avail of expert coaching and facilities that allows students to develop a deeper depth of knowledge and skill level. Club links have been created with Blyth Rugby Club, Blyth Running club, Blyth Cricket Club, Blyth Spartans FC, Blyth Town FC, Morpeth Hockey Club, where we strive to enthuse our students and to provide pathways to further progress and develop the skills of our students and in turn strengthen these clubs.

Enrichment opportunities, such as a rich and varied range of sports teams and clubs, family and staff sporting events and sports tours are planned for in order to provide broader provision and the acquisition and application of both substantive and disciplinary knowledge. Sports tours take place in each key stage both domestically and internationally so that students can see and experience how sport fits in the wider community.

Parental engagement/bringing families together is also a key focus part of our work in the community. As part of our work with the Newcastle United Foundation families partake in a 6-week health and fitness programme aimed at bringing families closer together and to promote healthy living. Competitions and matches are celebrated regularly in assembly and we have regular family sports evenings. Twitter updates also allow parents to view these successes through social media.

Relevant values to be developed in students include: honesty, cooperation, respect for life, and etiquette and sposrtmanship. These values are highlighted and reinforced through all the participation in sport and physical activity offered at Bede.

Sports leaders programme is used to help develop character. The programme develops the leadership skills of the students and gives them lifelong skills; trust, responsibility, compassion, cooperation and teamwork.

Subjects include GCSE PE, BTEC First Sport and BTEC National Sport.

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