Academy Meals


Catering at Bede Academy

At Bede Academy we are passionate about students’ health and well-being and the contribution good food and a healthy diet plays. It is important to find the freshest and best ingredients and combining them to create delicious, healthy meals.

The meals provided are an excellent source of nutrition, with an emphasis on homemade, high quality fresh food, sourced locally. In addition, having lunch at the Academy as opposed to a packed lunch helps young people develop confidence to make appropriate menu choices and taste a range of different foods.

Cashless Meal System

Bede Academy operates a cashless meal system. Every student has a meal account and their own finger scan ID (or PIN code), which is secure and private. Money must be credited to the student’s account before any purchases can be made. Where students qualify for free school meals the appropriate amount is credited automatically each day. There are several cash loaders located around the academy, where accounts can be credited by students before school or during break times.

At lunchtime, the till operator uses a touch screen terminal, which displays a photo image of each child and records the meal they have chosen that day. Where students have special dietary requirements they can be highlighted and entered confidentially into the system. Students’ meal details are recorded each day, which allows parents the facility to monitor their child’s eating habits, should they wish.

Frequently Asked Questions

How will I pay for my child’s school meal?
By ParentPay, cheque or cash – weekly, monthly, half-termly or termly – it’s your choice.

What happens if I forget to top up my child’s account?
Your child will still receive a meal and the value will be automatically deducted from the account.

How will I keep track of the amount of cash in my child’s account?
Statements can be generated on request. Please contact the Finance Office for more information.

What happens if my child is absent from school?
No meal deduction will be made in a child’s absence.