Bede Academy is responsible for writing and regularly reviewing its own set of policies covering all aspects of the school’s life, routines and procedures.

Policies are informative, working documents which aim to establish excellence in procedures and practice and which educate and empower those that work within the organisation. Their contents are in harmony with the core values and Christian ethos of the schools.

On each policy document, the date of the most recent review and the date of the next scheduled review will be recorded so that no policy becomes out of date. Links to key policies for the schools can be found on each school’s website.

The nature of education is one of partnership and it is essential that students, parents and Bede Academy together make a full commitment to seek success in this very important part of a student’s life.  This Home School Agreement is drawn up for all three parties (parents, students and the Academy) to read, agree to and sign as a solemn commitment.

This agreement is not to be taken lightly by any of the three parties since failure in upholding the agreement will lessen the likelihood of a student’s successful schooling and education.  Ultimately, we recognise that failure in upholding this agreement by any one of the parties, despite the best effort of the others, may ultimately lead either to a parent withdrawing their child from the Academy, or to a student being excluded – neither of which we hope will occur.

Once you have read the agreement below, please ensure that the section in Part 4 of the Student Information Form is signed by both student and parent. This will also be included in the Student Welcome Pack.

Primary Years Home School Agreement 
Secondary Years Home School Agreement

Paper copies of the information on our website are available free of charge, upon request by contacting reception:

ESF Policies

In addition to individual schools’ policies, a number of policies govern the running of the Foundation. These include:
‘Charging and Remissions Policy’
‘Complaint Procedure’
‘Whistle-blowing Policy’
‘Staff Union Officials attendance’
‘Gender pay gap info’
‘Freedom of Information publication schemes’
‘Provider Access Policy Statement’
‘Modern Slavery Act Statement’

Information on governance can be found HERE

The scheme of delegation can be found HERE

Trustees and Members
Annual Accounts