Postcards from Bede South students to other Year 6 students

Hello Cuthbert House,

The Year 6 Cuthbert House students who attend Bede South completed a series of transition activities on Wednesday 15th July.  One of the activities required the students to write a postcard to the students who will be joining us in September from our other feeder primary schools.  I have selected a small selection of the postcards to share with you in the hope that they give the Year 6 students a little taste of what life at Bede Academy is really like.

The first postcard is from Olivia, who has been reassuring students that they should not be afraid to join Bede Academy in September.  She has also told the students about the large number of after school clubs available and has mentioned the school dinners (yes, they really are amazing!):

The second postcard is from Rye, who has let the students know about the friendly teachers he has met and he also recommends the school dinners:

The third postcard is from Poppy, who has mentioned her excitement about the Science facilities at Bede Academy and also her desire to get involved in the various house competitions that run throughout the year:

The fourth postcard is from Lily, who is looking forward to meeting new people and making lots of new friends in September:

The final postcard is from Benjamin, who was impressed with the Cuthbert House staff he met.  He was particularly impressed with Mr Gill and Mr Eschle and has even stated that he wants to be in 7 Eschle in September! I would like to assure everyone that all of our Year 7 tutors are lovely:

I hope that these postcards will make our students who are coming to join us from our feeder primary schools feel welcome.

We are all excited to meet you in September!

Mr Hardie.