To all families, and especially if your child is the first in your family to join us, we offer you a warm welcome and look forward to a happy and successful relationship with you and your child. You are the most important people in your children’s lives. If you show an interest in their education and share in their achievements, they will experience  many rewards and benefits throughout their school life here at Bede Academy.

We are committed to supporting your child through the Nursery. Should they then be allocated a place at Bede Academy in the Reception class, we are committed to making that transfer as ‘seamless’ as possible by working very closely with Miss Tweddell, the Early Years Lead

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The purpose of our Early Years curriculum is to support children in all aspects of their emotional, social, physical development and in Literacy and Numeracy. This will then enable children to become increasingly independent, responsible and eager to progress in their learning.

We believe that children learn best through active engagement with the world around them and through meaningful and relevant experiences, supported by listening adults. Our children are given the broadest opportunities to learn whilst playing in order to make sense of the world. Parents are valued as partners and are welcomed into the Early Years during specific times throughout the year to share in the learning and caring atmosphere of our unit.

Bede Academy Nursery Admissions Information

Bede Academy Nursery has 80 part-time places and operates two sessions of three hours each day.  This means that 40 children can attend in the morning and 40 children can attend in the afternoon.  Children attend for either five morning or five afternoon sessions per week.  Applications can only be considered for children wanting to attend all five morning or all five afternoon sessions; the Nursery cannot accommodate requests for fewer than five sessions or for a mixture of morning and afternoon sessions.  Please note that each child is only entitled to five free half-day sessions per week.

Morning sessions are from 8.30am until 11.30am and afternoon sessions are from 12.30pm until 3.30pm.

At what age can my child start Nursery?

At present Bede Academy has two Nursery intakes in each academic year.  A child can only be considered for a place in the Academy’s Nursery in the term following their third birthday; children must be three years’ old and born on/between 1 January to 31 August to be considered for the September intake or they must be three years old and born on/between 1 September to 31 December to be considered for the January intake.


A Nursery place will normally be for the three terms prior to entry into Reception.  However, subject to available places, children born between September and December may benefit from up to five terms prior to entry into Reception.


If, in the unlikely event that the Nursery still has places available after the January intake, we will consider offering those places to the next oldest children, from our September holding list to begin after Easter.  Any offers will be made in strict order of date of birth and on the basis that the child will have had their third birthday prior to admission after the Easter holidays.

How do I apply for a place at Bede Nursery?

If you wish your child to attend Bede Academy Nursery you should complete a Nursery application form and return it to Bede South, Curlew Way, Blyth, NE24 3SD.  The application will be acknowledged to you and placed on the holding list.

How are places allocated?

All applications are considered together in accordance with The Academy’s equal preference scheme.  The applications are ranked in accordance with the admissions criteria.  Once the applications are prioritised and compared to the number of places available, the offer of places will be determined.

Allocation Criteria

The Principal or Head of Primary Years will consider all applications in accordance with the following criteria, set out in priority order, length of time on any holding list will not be taken into account

Special Educational Needs

Children with special educational needs, looked after children, those under a Child Protection Order, or children with exceptional medical or social needs (medical or social needs based on information supplied by a professionally involved third party and gained by the Principal or Head of Primary Years as part of the application procedure) will have priority given to their application.

Children of new staff

Children whose parent is taking up a post at the Academy for which there is a demonstrable skill shortage.

Siblings in the Academy

Preference is given to those children who already have a sibling registered on the Bede South roll (Reception to Year 6).

Living within the catchment
Preference is given to those children who live within the Bede Academy Primary Years catchment area, which is a smaller catchment than that of the Secondary Years.
Children of Armed Forces Personnel (from September 2019)

Preference is given to children whose parent(s) are serving in the armed forces or who receives an armed forces pension.

Walking distance to the Academy

Measured from the shortest possible safe, walking route from the child’s home front door to the Bede South Gate on Curlew Way.

Morning or afternoon preference
Applications may state a preference for a morning or afternoon place. Where a preference has been stated the criteria will be applied allocating a preference wherever possible; the alternative session may be offered if the first choice is not available.
Age and gender spread

The Academy also takes into account how the number of children can be properly balanced across the two sessions of the day and whether the number of boys and girls, and age spread, is properly balanced across the two sessions.


The final decision on whether a child is admitted, the number of hours a child is able to attend and his or her pattern of attendance rests with the Principal or Head of Primary Years.

How will I know if I have a place for my child?

In the term before the requested admission date the Academy will write to you and ask you to re-confirm your interest.  Upon confirmation your application will be considered alongside all others.  Approximately three weeks later the Academy will write to you again and inform you of the decision to either offer or refuse your child a place in the Nursery.


If your child is offered a place, you must confirm your acceptance to the Academy in writing within the time frame stated on the offer letter (usually 10 working days from the date of the offer) otherwise the Academy may have to refuse places for other children unnecessarily.  It is the responsibility of parents to ensure that the acceptance is received by the Academy.  If the Academy does not receive an acceptance within the stated time frame, the Academy reserves the right to release the place and award it to another child.


On receipt of your acceptance the Academy will write to you a final time to invite you to attend a Nursery Induction meeting, at which important information will be given to you.  The Academy will also detail arrangements for your child to make a familiarisation visit shortly before their official start date.

Nursery Handbook