Primary learning from home

Primary learning from home

Thank you for your patience and support during these times.  Our priority is our students.  We want them to continue to be happy, hardworking young people.  Staff have been working hard to organise packs of work and have received training to ensure work can be provided online, in case of self-isolation and academy closure.  We want to support students and families in ensuring education can continue at home.  In preparation for a potential academy closure, all students will be provided a work book and/or work online.  Students must complete their work in the book provided or online.  When students return to the Academy they will be expected to submit this book and any other work completed.   We would encourage all students to read every day.  We want to avoid too much time on screens and reading regularly will have a significant impact on learning and enjoyment.  We have included instructions on how to log on to Google Classroom. Specific details for each key stage can be seen below.

In all of this, please ensure you have precious time together as a family.  Enjoy each other’s company, have fun, play board games, read a book together.  Our children are looking up to us, let’s try and work together to make this as positive as we can for them.  Learning and fun can and should go together!    

The work packs provided today are only to be used in the event of academy closure.  Other work will be provided for those students currently in isolation.

Early Years – Nursery and Reception

Early Years have been given a work pack.  We suggest one English or one maths challenge each day and 3 topic activities per week. In addition to this, we have included a list of 25 non-screen activities which you will find fun to complete with your child. We suggest at least one a day and we look forward to seeing them uploaded onto Tapestry. Please regularly check Tapestry for updates regarding work.

Key Stage 1 – Year 1 and 2
Key Stage 1 have been given a work pack. Inside the pack you will find ten maths lessons, ten English lessons and a lesson for each foundation subject. In addition to this, we have included a list of alternative ideas and activities to support learning in the home. The number of lessons provided equates to about two weeks of work. As a guide, we recommend that, where possible, your child completes one maths lesson, one English lesson and one foundation subject lesson per day. This work can also be downloaded from Bede Learning/Google Classrooms. Please see log in details below. In the event of the academy remaining closed beyond two weeks we will upload additional tasks on to Bede Learning/Google Classrooms.
Lower Key Stage 2 – Year 3 and 4

Lower Key Stage 2 students will have a timetable of work inside their work book. Tasks to complete are inside work books, and the number of activities equates to about two weeks of work. Each day students should complete the set English, maths and foundation task.

This work can also be downloaded from Bede Learning/Google Classrooms; there are also additional resources that can be accessed here. In the event of the academy remaining closed beyond two weeks we will upload additional tasks onto Bede Learning/Google Classrooms.

We also encourage Year 4 students to continue working on doodle maths and doodle tables as well as practising for the MTC (Multiplication tables Check). This is still due to take place in the summer.

Upper Key Stage 2 – Year 5 and 6

Students will be able to access daily learning set by their teachers on Google Classroom. To access this work, please see details below. Work will be set daily for students through Google Classroom and they will have an option to complete this either in their work books or in some cases, to complete it electronically and return to their class teacher. Through Google Classroom, students will also be able to contact their teachers with any questions they might have about the work that has been set. Students should continue to practise their spellings daily, and work on Doodle and Accelerated Reader.

Learning Online

All classes have been set up on Google Classroom, however, please follow specific guidelines above.  Google Classrooms is a world leading platform for sharing work with students, and communicating with teachers.  Your teachers will continue to work at home and set you work via Google Classroom as and when it is needed. Younger students have their packs and may need support when it comes to following these instructions.  There will also be a folder on Google Classrooms for ‘All Primary Students’.  We would encourage all students in the primary years to check in this folder.

Students making use of Google Classroom will require access to the internet either via a computer or a smart device.  The Google Classroom app is available on Apple and Android platforms.

If you have any questions or concerns during self-isolation or academy closure, please contact the so that we can support you. 

Thank you in advance for your support with ensuring that students enjoy learning at home. We look forward to seeing your work.  Please do remember to get in touch if we can help in anyway. 

Stay in, stay safe, look after each other…and don’t forget to wash your hands!

Be responsible, be determined and be kind…we are Bede Academy!

Much love,

Mrs Harding