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We know that students learn best when they are with expert teachers in their classroom.  Many students have now missed a significant chunk of the academic year and we know that for some of them, this has had a negative impact on their progress.

However, this is not the case for the vast majority of students who can be certain that due to their hard work and diligent efforts to continue their learning at home, they continue to make excellent progress.

During the first national lockdown the level of engagement with online learning at Bede Academy was exceptional, with the vast majority of students engaging fully in this remote learning. 

Online provision at Bede Academy is continuing to evolve, and whilst we began the first national lockdown with remote education we are working together with the whole community to create a more dynamic and interactive learning platform.

Whether at home during a national lockdown, or due to self-isolation, students have access to their normal school curriculum in the same way as they do when they are in the academy.

Here are some of the important things you need to know about learning at home:

1. Daily lessons follow our usual curriculum!

We will continue to provide a robust, varied and engaging curriculum through all of your daily assignments.  Your child should log in to Google Classroom and go the class stream at the start of each day.  Here your teacher will give them instructions about the lessons with interactive videos and resources that they can complete straight into Google Docs or in the workbook that has been sent home. They will also be expected to keep up with your usual daily reading and spelling practice.

It is vital that students complete all of their lessons as if they miss one, they may not understand the following lesson which builds on that learning. We appreciate that every family has different working patterns and your child’s teacher will understand if their work is handed in after the deadline on Google Classroom.

From January 2021, we will be looking to develop our use of Google Meet to give our students even more face to face time with their teachers. More information about this will be coming soon.

  1. You are not on your own!

To support you and your child with their online work we will keep you informed about their engagement online (with regular calls from your child’s teacher or LSA) and the work they are expected to complete (through Google Classroom). We will also contact you if it looks like your child needs support to fully access and hand in all of their assignments on Google Classroom. We will also keep you updated with guidance on using Google Classroom through emails and the Academy newsletter.

  1. Everyone should have access to the curriculum and therefore to a device!

You must let us know if you are struggling to access your work online.  With the support of the Department for Education, and the additional generosity of the Emmanuel Schools Foundation, we have been able to provide well over 100 devices already to students who need them.  These are being distributed in order of need, beginning with those families without any device. For support with any technical issues please email

  1. Just ask for help if you need to!

The best way for you to request help is by contacting your child’s teacher via the home/school communication log in Google Classroom. Please do not post messages in the class stream. Another way to contact the academy about your child’s learning is by email to

We will continue to add to the list of additional resources below, so if you are having difficulty accessing you learning at home please check here.