Relationships & Health Education (RSE)

RSE Summary Document - Primary

At primary, we teach our students about relationships and health education using the HeartSmart curriculum.

Each year group will focus on the same core principle each half term so that there is a common language across the academy. For example, in Spring half-term 1 we all study “Too much selfie isn’t Healthy” which focuses on the need to love others.

Below are the 5 core principles of HeartSmart. When we teach these principles, we also make clear links to our core virtues – Love, Wisdom, Fairness, Self-control, Courage, Humility and Integrity.

The curriculum is progressive and meets all the RSE statutory requirements and 90% of the PSHE requirements. Click here to see where the standards are met. (link to the HeartSmart Statutory Requirements document) Those elements, which are not covering through HeartSmart, are met through our Science curriculum, Character curriculum or through external visitors such as Lovewise.

The full curriculum overview can be viewed here. (link to HeartSmart Overview document)

RSE Summary Document - Secondary

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