At Bede, we believe that all students are infinitely precious, gifted for a purpose and morally responsible. Therefore, we are there to help them strive to achieve their personal best. We believe that students can achieve great things through hard work to develop their character and academic results.

The academic strand of the Personal Development programme supports students with preparing for their annual exams in Years 7-9 and their ongoing assessments in Year 10 and 11. In Year 7-9, students will get at least one Personal Development session to guide them through the processes of revision and subject revision resources will be shared via google classroom by their class teachers.

In Year 10, students will receive one Personal Development session a month in which we start to embed good routines and revision techniques. In Year 11, this increases to two sessions a month. The materials for Year 10 and 11 are shared via google classroom (Year 10 and Year 11).

Through the Personal Development programme, we encourage students to use the following three stages to structure their revision.

Stage 1: Create a set of flashcards for each topic and regularly test themselves on the content. Flashcards should be no more than 6 bullet points and some students may use images to support memory retention.

Stage 2: Reduce to 6. Students should use the Reduce to 6 sheet to reduce their 6 bullet points into three 3 key words.

Stage 3: Regular testing of the knowledge. This maybe through google classroom quizzes, quizlet or Seneca as directed by their teachers or students may choose to write their own mini-quizzes. This is an activity that could be completed with peers or parents.

If you would like to ask any questions about revision please contact the Academic Team