Secondary learning from home

Secondary learning from home

We have been bowled over by the support of our community, and in particular by your support as parents, as we have made significant changes to enable curriculum provision to continue. We are delighted by the exceptionally high levels of engagement in online learning and recognise that this has not come without a great deal of effort at home, whilst managing the wider challenges of lockdown.

We have taken time to look closely at the response to the parent survey at Easter.  Here are the top 3 strategies you shared for successfully enabling students to engage with their learning:

  1. Maintain a routine.  This was by far the most popular response, with wide reaching implications for establishing positive behaviours, ensuring rest and exercise, and supporting general wellbeing.

“A daily routine has been key to keeping my daughter in good spirits and she has been working really hard on all her work.”

  1. Stick to the timetable. This was the next most popular response, and important for maintaining good working habits.  This ensures students are able to manage their time without workload becoming overwhelming. An example timetable can be found below.

“It has worked well sticking to the timetable and not just shooting through the day’s work in one go.”

  1. Stay calm. Parents (and the academy) are keen to reassure you that in these challenging times you are not alone and we are all afforded compassion and flexibility in our approach to online learning.

“There may be days when the timetabled routine doesn’t seem to work and go to plan – that’s fine.” “Stay calm – we are all in this together”

Here are links to some additional resources which you might find helpful to support learning at home:

If you require any additional support, or have questions relating to the online classrooms please email the Academic Team