Secondary learning from home

Online provision at Bede Academy is continuing to evolve, and we are working together with the whole community to create a more dynamic and interactive learning platform.  

We use Microsoft Teams as our main online platform for both classwork and homework.  More information about homework can be found here 

Students of the academy also have full access to Office 365 and can download these Microsoft Programs (Word, Powerpoint, Excel etc) onto their own devices or use the online platform.  

Here are links to some additional resources which you might find helpful to support learning at home:

Everyone should have access to the curriculum and therefore to a device! 

You must let us know if you are struggling to access your work online.  We have been able to provide well over 100 laptops already to students who need them.  These are being distributed in order of need, beginning with those families without any device.   

We know that there are many more of you who are sharing with siblings or with parents working from home and it is our ambition to ensure every student has access to their own device.  

 Just ask for help if you need to! 

The best way for you to request help is by contacting your tutor, or another teacher, via  Microsoft Teams.   

Parents should not use Microsoft Teams or individual emails to contact teachers at the academy directly, and instead should email  

If you require any additional support, or have questions relating to the online classrooms please email the Academic Team