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In Art students are encouraged to observe the world around them. They develop an appreciation of the design, beauty, and precision in both the natural and man-made environment. In the creative process students explore, investigate and solve problems. This develops the ability to co-operate and work with others. A willingness to have a positive outlook and ability to express opinions with tolerance and understanding of different viewpoints is encouraged.

A sense of responsibility and respect for the shared working environment and the property of others are expected. Individuals strive to achieve the highest possible standards. Art fosters and encourages, through direct personal expression, imagination, self-image, identity, self-esteem, sensitivity, conceptual thinking, powers of observation, analytical abilities, practical skills and theoretical studies.

It leads to a fuller understanding of the part played by visual arts including design and crafts, in the varied history of humankind’s development and successive civilisations. In doing so, it widens cultural horizons and enriches the individual’s personal resources.

The Academy aspires for Art students to:-

  • be able to enjoy learning and appreciate its value;
  • be curious, creative and able to solve problems independently and co-operatively;
  • develop enthusiasm, confidence and pleasure in the visual arts;
  • achieve success by developing practical skills and the ability to express ideas in various forms;
  • have the opportunity to work in a stimulating environment where students can be inspired and inventive;
  • learn to understand, respect, value and engage with different cultures and traditions;
  • have a sound work ethic and grasp all opportunities to progress in their learning;
  • have high expectations of achievement;
  • develop their skills and abilities and achieve their full potential;
  • have teaching that makes learning challenging, engaging and enjoyable;
  • achieve high levels of attainment in GCSE, GCE A/AS-Level and other examinations.


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Academic Art - 1The Academy is proud to be part of NCAN (The Northern Cultural Ambassadors Network) and strives to promote and develop strong links with external Art organisations.  Additionally the Department is closely networked with other ESF school Art Departments to share resources and strategies to enrich our students’ experience of Art.

Currently the Academy offers:

  • Arts Award (through Trinity College London) at Bronze and Silver Award level.
  • ARTiculate (with the Laing Art Gallery, Newcastle) – A cross curricular project with English Department which selected students participate in each year, culminating in an exhibition at the Laing Art Gallery.
  • Selected works are submitted to the annual National Students Art Exhibition in London’s Mall Galleries.
  • Visiting artist workshops – both as part of our curriculum offer and as part of extra curricular activities such as the Arts Award/Articulate.
  • Gallery visits at KS4 and 5.  This included Edinburgh and Glasgow galleries in the past with a visit to Paris for KS5 planned for 2013-14.
  • Extracurricular Art Clubs for Key Stages 1-3.
  • Study Support sessions after school for Key Stage 4-5 students.
Art Department Teaching Staff
Mr P Birdsall Head of Art
Miss S Parker Primary Years Lead – Art
Ms C Pickering Teacher of Art
Miss S Leask Art Technician