IT and Business

Academic Computing - 1The powerful impact of technology on our world is unquestionable, and people’s gifts of wisdom, imagination, skill and analysis are amongst the key ones that have led to this technological ‘age’.  But throughout our study of ICT we must reflect critically on the values that shape our technological world, and the consequences that can reveal technology.

It is therefore critical that the moral, social, political and legal challenges of technology are considered alongside its virtues.  A technological ‘belief’ has become prevalent in our society: that all of society’s ills can be addressed through further application or development of technology and often leading away from personal commitment and responsibility.

Computing provides tools for supporting reasoning and creativity across the curriculum, whilst having its own particular aspects of ‘ICT as a subject’ that are important for students and that enable students’ wider understanding of reality.  ICT can help students to perceive cross-curricular connections, and can be highly effective in providing media and tools through which students can act and reveal their depth of understanding.

What goals do we desire for our students intheir study of this subject?

a.  Apply knowledge, insight and creativity to use ICT to solve problems and to look after the earth’s resources and to meet human needs.

b.  Develop a critique of the value and use of technology.

c.  Be productive, innovative, resourceful and enterprising.

d.  Link ICT with other curriculum areas in order to develop students’ appreciation of the unity of knowledge whilst also enriching their deeper understanding of technology and other subjects.


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The ICT department currently offers a KS3 Computer Programming Club which is run by Mrs Taylor and Miss Mohan.  Mr Fingleton also offers a KS3 Animation Club.  Both clubs meet once per week and all of the students who attend have made excellent progress.

The ICT department also participates in various enterprise activities, including:

  • The Business Game
  • The Coca Cola Challenge
  • Young Social Entrepreneur
  • The Alnwick Garden Challenge
  • The Newcastle United Foundation Challenge
ICT Department Teaching Staff
Mr J Hardie Head of ICT/Pastoral Head
Mrs J Taylor Head of Computing and Business Studies
Mrs C Taylor Teacher of ICT and Computing
Mrs Liddell Teacher of Computing/Pastoral Head