Academic Music - 2

Music is a creative gift to people and it is an aesthetic element that is integral to life and that can transcend cultures and generations.  It enables expressions of joy, of thankfulness, love and hope and also of sadness, cruelty and despair on behalf of others and self.

Through musical composition, performance and appreciation of performance we can enrich others’ and our own lives, and convey issues symbolically in aesthetically beautiful ways.

What goals do we desire for our students in their study of this subject?

a.  Enjoy and appreciate music through experience, composition and performance;

b.  Have a wide range of musical experiences;

c.  Unfold our aesthetic and skilful potential through composing, performing and appreciating musical performances;

d.  Become critically aware of the roles (positive and negative) of music in society and use this awareness in composition and performance;

e.  Link music with other curriculum subjects in order to develop students’ appreciations of how they are inter-connected and the part that music has to play in our understanding of reality, whilst also enriching students’ deeper understanding of music and these other subjects.


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Theory Club

SThis is an opportunity for students to start studying for their Grade 1 theory or higher levels if they have already achieved this. Even though this activity is open to all students, it was originally designed to supplement and support the GCSE course, and is therefore mandatory.

The Academy Choir

In the Academy choir, we study a wide variety of musical styles and aim to perform songs using harmonies where possible. This choir is open to all students and does not operate an audition process.

Bede Voices

This is the Academy’s ‘crème de la crème’ choir and does operate an audition process for membership. We use this choir for our most prestigious events and for entering music festivals and compositions. It is directed and rehearsed by Mrs Saul and members of staff from both the North and South site are regular attendees. This choir is mainly for Sixth Form and staff only.


This was originally started by Mrs Kerr and is now being run by Mr Hutchinson our resident drum teacher. It is a percussion ensemble which sometimes performs anything from Djembes to Samba drums. The idea came from ‘STOMP’ which incorporates some choreography and vocal sounds with drumming and percussion.

Worship band

We have two worship bands at Bede Academy. One is a Key Stage 3 band and the other a Key Stage 4. The Worship band performs daily in assemblies and rehearses every morning before the Academy day. They have to rehearse new repertoire every week and need to be able to sight read.

Jazz band

The jazz band combines performers of at least grade 3 standard or above. The ensemble performs regularly within the community and plays a variety of repertoire which ranges from jazz, blues, soul, funk and disco Music.

Academy Production

In addition to the above groups the music department works in collaboration with the Drama and English Department to perform a musical or play every year. This year’s production will be Andrew Lloyd Webber’s, ‘Evita’.

Music Department Teaching Staff
Mrs L Saul Director of Music
Miss C Watts Primary Years Lead – Music
Dr E Roussou Teacher of Music



Peripatetic Members of Staff
Ms S Cardnell Violin (North and South)
Mrs R New Piano Teacher (North)
Mr C Winfield Piano Teacher (South)
Mrs E Coleman Violin and Cello (South)
Mrs E Dove Voice (North)
Miss E Longmuir Woodwind (North and South)
Mr A Watt Guitar (North and South)
Mr G Hutchinson Drums (North and South)
Miss L Davison Brass (North and South)