Philosophy, Theology and Ethics

In teaching PTE we seek to enable all pupils to achieve their personal best within a Christian ethos. Units are carefully selected and crafted to provide clear foundations for appreciating, understanding and responding to the ‘big questions’ of life. Our objective is that all students fulfil their personal and academic potential by what they read, how they write, speak and listen in PTE.

The PTE department in Bede Academy seeks to develop each student’s eternal and spiritual awareness.  PTE aims to develop a sense of student worth and gives students the opportunity to understand their local and global community.  Through a developed understanding of the world in which they live, students can begin to understand their place within it, with knowledge of what other people and faith communities believe to be true.

The PTE Department seeks to provide excellence in academic achievement for students of all abilities which allows for personal, moral and spiritual development.


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Converse is a group that allows students to explore Christianity and links with other groups from sister schools for fun activities.

Philosophy. Theology and Ethics Teaching Staff
Mr D Williams Head of PTE
Mrs R Johnson Primary Years Lead – PTE
Mrs S Prest Teacher of PTE (P/T)
Dr S Roberts Teacher of PTE
Mr A Harrison Teacher of PTE
Mr A Ball Teacher of PTE