Physical Education

Academic PE - 2

Physical health and fitness affect all of life including emotional well-being and intellectual capability and therefore, as other subjects on the curriculum, they are important beyond themselves.  Our bodies, minds and spirits are gifts to us that are interwoven and that together contribute towards our wholeness as people – each one of them being vitally important.

PE, and the activities, sports and games that constitute it offer great opportunities for students to experience and develop their gifts and abilities, and also to learn about the world, themselves, and social interaction with others.  Alongside this, it is important to realise our potential to wrongly glorify our own personal prowess, beauty, or dominance and prestige over others.

Students are encouraged to:

a. maintain physical fitness, lead physically active lives and enjoy movement as vigorous aspects of service; and develop positive dispositions towards lifelong physical activity;

b. practise and develop motor skills in a variety of settings and sporting activities;

c. develop resilience, perseverance, determination and physical courage together with team / leader / competitive characteristics founded upon Christian understanding;

Academic PE - 2c. develop supportive, cooperative, responsible and self-sacrificial attitudes towards teamwork that strives for excellence and use these attitudes in service;

d. develop respect for and understanding and experience of the leadership roles of referees, coaches and team captains;

e. develop humility in competition, as winner or loser, that recognises competitive responsibilities to improve the performances of opponents as well as those of oneselves;

f. use health knowledge to achieve and maintain optimal health;

g. respect differences among people, including in their physical and health attributes;

h. behave in ways that are personally and socially responsible in physical activity settings;

i. link PE with other curriculum areas in order to develop students’ appreciation of the unity of knowledge whilst also enriching their deeper understanding of and capabilities in PE and other subjects.

Extra Curricular Activities Spring 2016


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We run an extensive programme of extracurricular activities for students in both competitive team game and individual sports as well as more recreational activities.

We also run annual sports tours for Year 9 and Sixth Form hockey and rugby teams.

Physical Education Department Teaching Staff
Mr S McAree Director of Sport
Miss Lee Teacher of Girls’ PE / Pastoral Head
Mrs L Street Head of Girls’ PE
Mr A Sutherland Head of Rugby
Miss L Stewart Teacher of Girls’ PE
Mrs N Winchester Teacher of Girls’ PE
Mr A Eschle Teacher of Boys’ PE