Academic Science







In teaching Science we seek to enable all students to ask and answer questions about the beautiful and wonderful world in which they live. Students will discover and use laws of parts of the ordered reality to see how discoveries have been used to develop effective ways of stewarding resources. Unit plans are carefully constructed so as to develop skills that include analysis, deduction, creativity and observation.  Scientists are entrusted with great responsibility and the students are encouraged to look at how to use Science and its applications responsibly, and recognise societal and ethical implications for the use of science in responsible stewardship.


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Examination results

Students following the Biology, Chemistry and Physics achieved highly with 100% A*-C and approximately 53% achieving A* grades. In Science A, 58.7% students achieve a ‘C’ grade or above and in Additional Science, 81.3% students achieved a ‘C’ grade or above. All of the students following the BTEC First Diploma in Applied Science achieved at least a ‘Pass’ grade.


Environment Day

Every year students in Years 7 and 8 participate in Environment Day. During this day students take part in a range of outdoor activities helping community organisations across the region. This is an extremely valuable learning experience for the students in which they not only learn about the environment around them but they also learn how to look after it.


Science Department Teaching Staff
Dr C Sams Head of Science
Mrs H Kennedy Primary Years Lead – Science
Dr H Edge Subject Lead – Biology
Dr J Wheeler Teacher of Science
Mr R Charlton Teacher of Physics
Mrs R Attley Teacher of Chemistry
Mr J Fisher Teacher of Physics
Mr P Smith Teacher of Physics and Pastoral Head
Mrs L Ridley Teacher of Chemistry and Pastoral Head
Miss K Haley Teacher of Biology
Mr P Davies Teacher of Physics
Mrs S Drury Subject Lead – Science
Miss L Kale Teacher of Chemistry
Mr D Watson Senior Science Technician
Mr C Wheeler Science Technician
Dr R Fraser Teacher of Food and Nutrition (P/T)
Mrs A Golding Food and Nutrition Technician