From 2017, GCSEs will be reported as a number: 9-1 instead of A*-G; 9 being the highest grade that can be achieved.  In light of this new grading system, Bede Academy has changed the way in which student progress in Years 7 to 9 will be reported to parents.

Parents will now receive reports based on Bede levels currently used in the Academy’s primary years’ reports.  These build on the levels currently awarded at Primary as well as integrating skills and knowledge students to master as they prepare for the GCSEs and beyond.

The progression of students during each module is reported using Bede levels which go from 2 to 8.  To give a more accurate report, the Academy will also use ‘sub-levels’, for example a student working in Level 4 can be:

4a —  working at the top of level 4 in this module and beginning to move into level 5

4b —  working securely at level 4

4c —  beginning to access work at level 4

More information about the Levels can be found here.