Emmanuel Schools Foundation

The Emmanuel Schools Foundation







Emmanuel Schools Foundation (ESF) provides centres of academic excellence where staff and students have the opportunity to achieve their personal best. Beginning with Emmanuel College in 1990. The Foundation has sponsored academies in Middlesbrough – The King’s Academy, which opened in 2003 – and in Doncaster – Trinity Academy, which opened in 2005 – and in Blyth, Northumberland – Bede Academy, which opened in 2009.

The Foundation creates an environment and provides the facilities for young people to develop their academic, moral and spiritual potential to the full. It is our desire is to produce students who are well rounded, wise, confident, able young people who reach their full potential and go on to higher education and to significant careers.

ESF believes economic regeneration, prosperity in the North East and full and satisfying lives can be achieved by the development of the able young people within Foundation Schools.

The Foundation has the vision and the passion to create the right environment for our staff to achieve high professional standards as well as giving our students the very best start in life.

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