History of Bede

It’s all in the name.

In many ways a name seems like a simple thing, after all we all have one and there are plenty to choose from, yet when you realise that a single word conveys many meanings, when you understand that it represents a person or an institution to the rest of the world, and when you remember that this simple word creates an all important ‘first impression’, choosing a name can be somewhat tricky! As we develop as an Academy, however, it is becoming clear that our name could not have been better chosen.

St BedeBede was a monk and scholar from the Golden Age of Northumbria, the eighth century AD. He was granted the title ‘venerable’ and later sainted for his theological treatises and his contribution to the learning of his time. In this way, it seems that Bede Academy is named perfectly for its students. In Bede they find someone whose natural wonder inspired a desire to uncover knowledge and meaning. Match this with his sense of endeavour, and our students have a man of great learning who bequeathed to us our first history of England, the BC/AD dating system, understanding of the tides and the number of days in a year, the dating of Easter, and knowledge of the earth and its place in our solar system. Overall, Bede can show our young scholars the tremendous satisfaction of hard work and its long term benefits.

Yet Bede Academy is also named for its staff. In Bede they find an example of a man who loved to educate. Bede said that teaching was his ‘delight’ and the affection in which he was held by his students must be inspiration to all who work in our Academy. Beyond all this, Bede Academy is named for its community. Our name honours one of Northumberland’s most important figures and reflects the inspiring history of our county. Yet even this is not all there is in this name.

Bede Academy is also well-named because of the values it seeks to instill. Bede followed his diverse interests with a sense of humility; his hope, determination and purpose led him to great achievements, yet he only ever wrote a few lines about himself. Ultimately, of course, Bede Academy is named to honour God, for in Bede we find a man who placed the Word of God at the centre of his life and sought, in all he did, to glorify the Creator who blessed him with such gifts. In short, we have come to see that our name was chosen out of respect for a man who valued and excelled in all the things we esteem. Bede was a man of character, intellect and heart. We are Bede by name because we aspire to be Bede by nature.